Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I think this is some type of Asian cucumber, but I can't remember for sure. I took the photo at Lee Lee Supermart in Chandler, which is the Valley's largest ethnic market. Of course, they offer Asian foods, groceries, spices, and more, but they also have the spices and products of almost any country you can think of? Need a specific noodle for that Sri Lankan dish you're preparing? They have an aisle for Sri Lanka. How about a spice for that Brazilian dish? Got it! It's a great store to wander around.


  1. When I lived in the east valley, I used to go here all of the time. Now that I'm in central Phoenix, I don't get out there much. I love this store. You can spend a couple of hours just looking around.

  2. I'm in Central Phoenix too but I think I want to go to this place. These cukes look like spiny little lizards!

  3. It's a great place! I love it, too. You always see something new.