Monday, August 16, 2010

Hotel Vendome

Here's another Prescott photo. Listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, Hotel Vendome was built in 1917. At the time, it was advertised as an "attractive small hotel with 30 rooms and 16 baths, wide verandas upstairs and down, attractive lobby, hot and cold water in all rooms, night and day phone services with buzzers in all rooms..."

The Vendome has an interesting past. Sometime around 1920, a woman sick with consumption either owned or managed the hotel. One day, she sent her husband out to get medication and he never returned. Distraught, she locked herself and her cat in Room 16 and refused to eat, drink or come out. Today, Abby reportedly haunts Hotel Vendome. She and her cat are reportedly friendly, and Room 16 is the most popular room with visitors.


  1. Thanks for the history. I love it!

  2. Beautiful building and interesting story. It looks so well maintained

  3. The hotel has new owners, and they plan to renovate the rooms soon by replacing some of the floral prints with period decor. It should be beautiful!