Monday, September 7, 2009

More Grand Canyon Railway

This weekend, the Grand Canyon Railway offered rides on steam engine 4960, something they rarely do because of the expense involved in maintaining the engine. (The conductor said it cost $1.5 million to initially restore the engine, and they have a difficult time finding parts.) My husband loves old trains, so we had to go.

Usually, the Grand Canyon Railway runs from Williams to the Grand Canyon and back (powered by diesel engines using vegetable oil). The train ride on Saturday went only a few miles north of Williams and lasted less than 45 minutes total. Still, it was an incredible experience.

Here's a quick interior shot of the car as we were leaving. These cars were built in the 1920s and are used only for special occasions like this and the Polar Express event during the holiday months.


  1. It glistens as if it were brand new. Maybe, the steam age has returned!

  2. I love steam trains like this one. There is a railway maybe 10 miles from here that I visit occasionally they have several old engines. that they bring out weekends and high days and holidays.

  3. Great to see. There is a railway museum near me and four times every year they take out the old steam train and offer rides to Stockholm and back.