Friday, October 23, 2009

Cotton 1

Since I missed blogging yesterday, I'm posting two pictures today. Cotton is one of the "5 Cs" in Arizona (copper, cattle, citrus, climate/tourism and cotton) that played a major role in the state's economy from roughly 1950-1970. Today, the citrus groves, cotton fields and dairy farms are giving way to tract homes for Intel and Motorola employees.

Queen Creek, however, has quite a few cotton fields, at least for now. The first photo is a close-up I took about a month ago. The second photo shows a full plant. I was surprised to see that there are pods on a cotton plant that apparently bloom a pinkish flower before going to seed and producing cotton. On the plant in the second photo, you can see all three stages: pod, flower and cotton.

I'm going to try to get out in the next few days to take a photo of the fields now, almost completely gone to seed. The fields are white with cotton, and I'm expecting they'll harvest the cotton any day now.

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  1. I'm glad to see they are still growing cotton on the farms around there. What a shame to lose all of our produce fields to tract homes.