Monday, October 26, 2009


Admittedly, this is not the best quality picture, but I didn't have much time to take it. We heard coyotes a few nights ago, the first time I've heard them since we moved in three years ago. This morning, I was sitting at the table, working on an article I have due today, when something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. It's not uncommon to have dogs roaming free through the neighborhood, so at first I thought it had to be the neighborhood German Shepard. But, I hadn't noticed any black in its coat and it seemed shorter.

I stepped outside and saw two coyotes in the field just north of us. They saw me, too, and froze. For a while, the two stayed put, but as I ran inside to get my camera, one started to trot away. By the time I got back, I was only able to catch these fleeting shots of the second one. He was passing by our back fence line.


  1. Great catch! I live in a suburban neighborhood in San Diego and we've seen them sauntering the streets in the early mornings. Sadly we lost a cat to a coyote. I heard that in the spring time they are hungrier because they might have babies to feed.

  2. We used to live in Orange County, near Trabuco Canyon, and you could hear them in the streets regularly. I never saw them, though. This morning, it was just so odd because they didn't seem the least bit afraid of me, more annoyed than anything. We have a lot of rabbits and ground squirrels, so I think they were hunting for breakfast. You can see they're pretty well-fed.

  3. We used to hear the coyote call every night here but as the town grew we hear them less and less. During last winter we heard them twice. These must be quite brave to be in the neighborhood in the daylight.