Saturday, November 14, 2009


I took this photo in my backyard. It's not uncommon to open our back door and have two or three rabbits run off, though I've seen as many as half a dozen. The rabbits are definitely what's drawing the coyotes into our neighborhood.

Speaking of coyotes...Last night, as we were driving home along Hunt Highway, my husband slammed on the brakes, like he might have if he missed our turn (which isn't that uncommon, given how dark it is out here). I looked up and was surprised to find we weren't anywhere near our turn off. Just then, I saw one of two coyotes dart into the road. The first one made it all the way across; the second one went about halfway, then turned back. They both seemed pretty confused and kept trying to cross the road to get back to each other. We finally were able to move on, leaving them on opposite sides of the road.

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